Four Winds is a west-suburban Chicago, Illinois family club committed to promoting, supporting and furthering the general interest and activity of skiing and snowboarding and other outdoor and social activities. We meet on a regular basis year-round with a variety of summer and winter group activities. Check out our membership page

Board Members are elected annually in April. Committee chairs and CMSC Representatives are appointed.

Below are the current club board members committee representatives


President: Phil Wegrzyn
Vice President: Phillip Skultety
Secretary: David Breyer
Treasurer: Jacquelyn Uznanski
Lodge President: Kathy Mitchell
Sargent of Arms: Beth O'Brien

Committee Chairs

Social: Gregg Schuring
Trips: Candace Skultety
Membership: Sheri Butler
Communications: Phil Wegrzyn
Newsletter: Gregg Schuring
Public Relations: Tony Zasadney

CMSC Representitives

Patrick Clark
Phillip Skultety